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Data Analytics

The ultimate goal of every trader is to be able to predict changes in market forces before they occur. With the amount of data traversing the Internet daily reaching zettabytes, reliable solutions remain elusive. While traders may be far away from being able to reliably forecast market trends, advances in data analytics are helping them improve the odds.

Data analytics involves taking raw, unstructured data and analyzing it in such as way that useful information can be obtained. In financial trading, the information that is most often sought is that which helps predict market trends, both in terms of the market as a whole, and as it relates to specific stocks.

The technology that drives data analytics is varied. Among the technologies that contribute to data analytics are artificial intelligence (AI), exploratory data analysis (EDA), quantitative data analysis (QDA), confirmatory data analysis (CDA), predictive analytics, and data mining, to name a few.

We have a MATLAB commercial license.

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